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About the SVAV, Bilquisganj

Swami Vivekanand Adarsh Higher Secondary School, Bilquisganj (SVAV, Bilquisganj) has already established itself as a serious group in the field of school education. The challenging task of nurturing tender budding minds is being looked after with poise, grace & commitment by dedicated teachers in both the schools. The team of SVAV firmly believe that with patience, persuasion & perseverance anything can be achieved.

The pursuit of excellence encouraged in SVAV, Bilquisganj rests on the strong belief that every child has it within himself to excel. Any learning that becomes a desire will ultimately become a delight. Our primary aim is to develop in the students the qualities of integrity, honesty, trust, tolerance, humanism and compassion to foster a spiritual temper. A varied and wide choice of academic curriculum with emphasis on motivation and training of the students, to achieve success in the professional competitive examinations like IIT, AIPMT, AIIMS, and NDA etc. is made available.

These institutions are teacher driven organizations. The teachers are guides to power house of information. The management is supporting the staff of SVAV, Bilquisganj in all their endeavours. We also rely on the powerful role of parents in supporting and respecting the endeavours of the school. I trust that the parents alongwith the team of SVAV, Bilquisganj will help the children grow as self-respecting and courageous torch bearers of our nation. We pay our obeisance to the Almighty God for providing this fulfilling and enriching experience of educating children.

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