Mr. Rajendra Prasad Namdeo

Principal of the Swami Vivekanand Adarsh Higher Secondary School, served from 2015 to 2020

Principal's Desk

Quality in education today seems the most important factor of learning in today's world of increased competition. It has become the biggest necessity for the reason that individual has to face the tough killing competition to make their mark in the field of education. Even doctors, engineers, educatros, peers have to devote their full potential to make their successful career.

In this situation, students sometimes found themselves into multi-dimensional pressure. When we talk of higher education, student has to make many important decisions, which make their effects directly on the career of students, such as choice of right spirit by recognizing the true potential, and true calling in life; and to persude it with complete commitment.

Our aim is to make the students capable of abstract thinking, and to make them prepare to take initiative to become responsible for their own career by arranging workshops of career conseling, seminars, symposiums and different learning activities; by which students get opportunities to learn different things, and it becomes easy to choose for them one particular thing to make their profession for which they are best suited.

I thank to CBSE also to implement the CCE pattern, which has proved the best in the enhancement of the quality of education; which have helped the teachers and students to learn inside the classroom to make a purposeful life and a delightful youth.